Gravity Comedy Rewards (NGN500/invite)

💰 NGN500 per Invite👪.

 This is not a joke

We are Rewarding you for being our fan

Invite your friends to Gravity Comedy and get #_NGN500 per invitation

This program will be in two phases

Phase 1: Invitation/Accumulation:  This is when you have the liberty to invite as much friends as you want and accumulate unlimited amount of cash , the cash will stay in your balance pending phase two

Phase 2:  Withdrawal phase this is when You will be able to receive your accumulated money in your bank account, at this phase Invitation will end and no one will be allowed to invite anyone anymore, everyone will withdraw. 

Please note: in this phase you will not be able to withdraw if the following conditions are not met.

1. You must become a fan ( by becoming a fan we mean following us on all our social platforms as you will be directed in the referral not.

2. You must have at least up to NGN 5, 500 in your balance

We reserve the right to revise this conditions.

It's gonna be mega

A lot of our fans will be dancing home from bank when we begin the second phase 😍🕺💃

And a lot of people too will be regretting they didn't join the first phase

Phase two will commence on 1st January 2022


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